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RISI Conferene, Shanghai

EuroPack takes part in RISI Pulp & Paper Conferene, Shanghai

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Wooden containers

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We produce standard potato and apple containers, as well as other containers tailored to our customers’ needs.

A vegetable container is a very practical, economical and reusable packaging for vegetable warehouses. A potato container is intended for transportation, storage, cooling, shipment, and vegetable recording in the vegetable warehouses. A potato container is a modern alternative for expensive plastic containers and containers made of metal lath. Wooden vegetable containers are distinguished by higher stiffness of structure. Moreover, a wooden potato container is maintainable.

Vegetable and fruit containers give the possibility to fully mechanize the labor-intensive processes of loading and unloading, make the transportation conditions easier and better, assure excellent preservation of vegetables. It is explained by the fact that the use of a container helps to prevent the mechanic damage of bulbs during loading, unloading, and transportation. Considering that the container capacity, as a rule, is not big provided there are vents in its sides and the potato is of standard quality, usual natural ventilation allows to eliminate the excessive heat and humidity produced by the bulbs being stored.

Fruit and vegetable containers can be used as storage tanks and as reusable packaging. For example, the bulbs delivered in potato containers are unloaded to the warehouse equipped with active ventilation, and potato containers are sent to the households for repeated loading, further transportation, and storage. This permits to use the containers’ possibilities as reusable packaging, reduce capital expenditures for their acquisition and reduce total expenses for amortization and regular maintenance.

Vegetable container

Fruit container