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RISI Conferene, Shanghai

EuroPack takes part in RISI Pulp & Paper Conferene, Shanghai

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Social Responsibility

What does corporate social responsibility mean to us? What benefit does it bring? Where do we see ourselves within the meaning of this notion? We do not stop asking these questions every day. And every single day we answer that corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our existence, a style of our thinking, a part of our mission and one of our goals.

We realize that everything we do must be driven for the result of a long-term effect, even in a long perspective. We understand that the complex of our actions which we put into the meaning of corporate social responsibility must bring and will definitely bring invaluable support to every cell of our society, to each person, to each company, and to each country.

What CSR principles do we have? We have three principles:

A - transparency. Everything we do is open to the society and surrounding world. Acting responsibly, we are ready to disclose our opinion and program of actions.

B - consistency. We work for the long perspective. We do understand that our activities have to result in a strong and reliable basis for our successors.

C - significance. Every our step within of our CSR strategy bears only one aim: it is the result. When we talk about our CSR, we mean Tom Peters’ words: “Under promise. Over deliver”. And we follow this principle.


“Our company is oriented on long-term result”